Organising a World of HIM

IHMIA Organising a World of HIMInternational leaders and renowned speakers from the Health Information Management (HIM) sector will present the most recent advances in HIM to HIM professionals from around the globe when they congregate to learn, to exchange experiences and to develop enduring friendships when the International Federation of Health Information Management (IFHIMA) holds its flagship event – its 18th international conference in Tokyo Japan, from October 12 to October 14, 2016.

In preparation for this congress, IFHIMA has produced an article by Ms Lorraine Fernandes as the regional IFHIMA director for the Americas, on the subject “IFHIMA – Organizing a World of HIM”. This article was first published in the April 2016 issue in the Journal of the American Health Information Management Association (JAHIMA). The article provides an overview about IFHIMA, its purpose, structure as well as benefits for its members, and information about the IFHIMA 2016 congress including content that explores Tokyo as a tourist destination.

Readers of this website-blog can follow this link (this link will open in a new tab of your current browser window) to get access to the article. I wish to express my gratitude to Ms Angelika Haendel, President of IFHIMA and DVMD board member of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany for kindly sharing with me as an IFHIMA member, this link.

I also like to congratulate Ms Lorraine Fernandes – who according to Ms Anegelika Haendel, who had first raised the idea to write this article, then organised and lead the group of authors which enabled it to be published in JAHIMA, and who also painstakingly secured AHIMA’s permission to share this article with the international HIM community.

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The JCI Manuals, 5th Edition are effective 1 April 2014

JCIH14EBJCIHSPG14Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 5th Edition and The Joint Commission International Accreditation Hospital Survey Process Guide, 5th Edition are both now effective starting 1 April 2014.

JCI claims that the Accreditation Standards for Hospitals, 5th Edition is trimmed to contain lesser standards, has better structure and logical flow between standards requirements, and now incorporates two new chapters to cater for Academic Medical Center Hospitals

The JCI Accreditation Hospital Survey Process Guide, 5th Edition manual like the previous edition is designed to help hospitals learn about and be better prepared for the JCI survey process. However, it now contains help for Academic Medical Center Hospitals prepare for their surveys.


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18th IFHIMA Congress – October 2016 Tokyo, Japan

The 18th Congress of the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA) will be held during October 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.You can view images of the just concluded 17th IFHIMA Congress in Montreal, on May 11-15, 2013 from this link (this link will open in a new tab of your current browser window).

Wishing all Muslim friends near and far, “Ramadan Mubarak!” 2012

Ramadan is the only month in which all Muslims refrain themselves from eating, drinking and sexual activities from dawn until its sunset in order to make their fast complete. The mission and the main aim of fasting is to teach Muslims how to show patience, humility, spirituality and is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of Allah (God in Arabic) – to show tolerance and to offer more prayer than usual that is five times a day regularly.

Wishing all Muslim pals in Malaysia and Muslim readers abroad, “Ramadan Mubarak!” (Blessed Ramadan!)