2016: The Year of the Zettabyte

My last post on Big Data was way back February 3, 2013! This weekend I hope to continue on Big Data posts and post it by early next week,

However this evening I stumbled upon a new infographic related to my Big Data post posted February 3, 2013. In that post I wrote about the volume of data that is increasing exponentially on an annual basis and to give you an idea of how that is developing in two infographics, courtesy of the online storage site Mozy, and Cisco to help you visualise the meaning of pentabytes of data and how it expands further into zettabytes sometime into the future.

Well, by end of 2016, the world according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, will cross the Zettabyte threshold largely contributed by video streaming, phone lines or video calling and mobile streaming accelerated via extremely fast Internet speeds and data transfers.

The following infographic is a visual of how big zettabytes will be.

INFOGRAPHIC - 2016 - The Year Of The Zettabyte V6


  1. XO Communications, Are you Ready for 2016: The Year of the Zettabyte, viewed 28 March 2013, <http://www.xo.com/services/Pages/2016-The-Year-of-the-Zettabyte.aspx>

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  1. Well, just like the Chinese cuisine that involves serving a variety of small delicacies, I blog to share my experiences and knowledge I serve in as many a variety of posts I can think of blending my past and existing knowledge with what knowledge I can harvest from the Internet, books, magazines and whatever source that would add value to every post I post.

    My post on zettabyte is an extension of an earlier post when in 2016 the Internet will be flooded by unimaginable loads of data from video particularly and perhaps by the big data from healthcare as well with greater adoption of electronic medical records and health records. Furthermore, it is to enlighten the niche I am reaching out on things new on the horizon.

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