Perhaps all of us will agree on about a Contacts page, is that every website should have one. A Contacts Page like this one you are reading, provides an opportunity to make it easy for you as a visitor to this website-blog to contact me. A contact form provides an opportunity to gather information from visitors like you.I welcome the opportunity to consider your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and questions.If you would like to send a message to me, please take a minute to complete the following contact form, which will provide me with information necessary to process your message (Note: items marked with a red asterisk against any part of the contact form below must be entered to successfully submit your details when contacting me). You will also find on this page the list of contacts who wished to be included in my contacts list. You may contact my contacts from the tabular lists below.


No.NameMobile No.Email AddressDomicile
1ABDUL MALEK BIN ABU BAKAR+60 6 231 9999 (EXT2201) &
2ANITA BT. MOHD. YUSOH+60 17 767 0832anita.yusoh@columbiaasia.comMalaysia
3ARUNASALAM PONNAMPALAM+60 13 385 3817ponnaru@gmail.comMalaysia
5BRYAN CHONG AH HOOpec9812@hotmail.comMalaysia
6CHUA CHOON HOW+60 16 773
8DEVINDER KAURdevin_kaur80@hotmail.comMalaysia
9DR. ABDOOL SAHBOOB KUREEMUN+230 5 776 4097macbool786@yahoo.comMauritius
10DR. CHONG YOK CHING+60 16 259 5165chongyc8@gmail.comMalaysia
11LIM JEW HEANG+60 12 589
12LIM KIM SAY+60 16 762 5873limkimsay48@gmail.comMalaysia
13MAH SOCK KUAN+60 12 682 3155
14MD. NOR BIN ISMAILmdnor1503@yahoo.comMalaysia
15MUHAMAD SARKAN+60 19 267 5177shark_1948@yahoo.comMalaysia
17NOORUL AIN BT. KARIS+60 12 282 6520ain.karis@princecourt.comMalaysia
18NOR KAMARIAH BT. CHIK+60 12 581 8085norsyam83@yahoo.comMalaysia
21R. RAJENDRAN+60 12 330
22ROSLAN BIN RAMZI+60 13 817
24SIVAGNANAM+60 16 606
25TAN TIANG CHWEEticitan@gmail.comMalaysia
26TIOW BOK KUANtiowbokkuan@gmail.comMalaysia
28YEAP ENG KOOIyeapek@yahoo.comMalaysia
29ZAINUDDIN BIN ALIz_ally2@yahoo.comMalaysia
30EMMIE CHRISTY ANAK UMAR +60 13 355 Malaysia
31BEH SWEE IM +60 12 403 Malaysia
32FARIZA HUSSIN +60 18 785 Malaysia
33BENARDINE AK PANI +6016 877 Malaysia
34LAU MING SING +60 10 972 8834ming_sing@kpjsibu.comMalaysia
35NANTHA KUMAR LOGANATHAN +60 12 623 Malaysia

You can also reach me from all the contact points as I have listed below. Please find the relevant web links from the social media icons found around this website-blog.

25 Jalan Setia 1/10, Taman Setia Indah,
81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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Reasons I should continue blogging and updating in 2018

I’ve been enthusiastic for the past few years ever since I started on setting up this website with website pages, and which also contains a blog for posts, which is why I call this website a website-blog.

Maintaining a website-blog practically forces you to develop routines and content plans. These routines can be mimicked in my dietary planning as I am senior citizen and need to be aware and control food intakes, workout regimens to keep a healthy body going, personal discipleship, and relationships with the spouse and kids as well as friends and realtives. A successful website-blog may not always mean more page views. Personal growth through the discipline of updating a website and blogging can be success in and of itself. My blog posts here at had since created a routine for blogging and updating a personal-professional-life website from the beginning, for which I am grateful.

All that being said, I’ve been a sporadic blogger of for the past two years, during 2016 and 2017. The reason I stopped blogging as well updating was as I thought I had covered most needs and guidance on aspects of Health Information Management (HIM) development as well in matters relating to HIM and healthcare quality activities for a developing country like Malaysia. As we look ahead to 2018, I do have positive reasons that I really should consider blogging in 2018 as well updating And I am encouraged to continue to post to the blog, as I think blogging forces me to think more about a subject. I am also encouraged to update with more and new updated information to the website pages I have created. Since this is a personal website, I believe it adds credibility in my professional life. I think having a professional-looking website helps add credibility. When it comes to dining, we eat with our eyes first. A meal that looks appetising will psychologically taste better than one that doesn’t—even if it’s the same dish. The same goes with a personal website or blog. If you have an eye-catching site, you will be taken more seriously than if you don’t.

Another reason to continue to update and blog in is my readers. There is no way I will ever meet all of my readers or visit every country my readers live in. But the number of people I “have met” through this site is incalculably greater than it would be if did not exist. Thus, if my website blog content is high-quality, I believe my readers are going to look forward to newly published content on my blog as well this website. But surely I am not going to give my regular readers what they want by publishing as often as I can, without sacrificing quality. I think posting at least once a week is going to be sufficient to establish a regular core of my readers, and these readers are typically the ones who will form the core of my brand community.

In terms of capturing the most traffic, more blog posts and regular updates to the website is going to be generally better; more  times the inbound linking and indexing opportunities. To use a fishing metaphor, it’s like casting more hooks into the water; the more you cast, the more fish you’ll catch. Of course, this assumes that all of my blog posts and website updates are equal in quality. If the number of posts I make is like the number of hooks in the water, then the quality of my content is like the tastiness of the bait I use on my hook.

To end this blog post, I know that getting the ball rolling is often the hardest part, because it means coming up with a topic or title for my next blog post.

But I have updated already the Events Page of and also posted some featured news in the footer section of, for a start.

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